Friday, 11 November 2011


Green Day - 21 Guns


Although Muse - "Feeling Good" is an Alternative Rock song I have chosen to analyse some R+B music videos that would fit the style music video Rachel and I are thinking of doing.

Rachel and I decided we would each analyse 3 music videos alone but another two together so we could get a greater understanding on what the conventions of a music video are.

                          The first one I have chosen to analyse is Natalia Kills - Mirrors


Thursday, 10 November 2011


Here is the plot I came up with for my main product.

A teenage girl from the 18th century has been transformed into a vampire. As a vampire your conscience is removed therefore you can do whatever you desire. This means that during the music video she will be seen in a big landscape to emphasize her freedom. Since her necklace expresses the elements there will be shots of her near earth, fire, water and air to express that she is as powerful as nature. However, in the next sequence of the music video she will be hunted down by villagers as in that time period it was natural to think of vampires as creatures of the night, dangerous and malicious beings. Nevertheless, there will be a cut and it will show her dressed in 21st century clothes showing that in fact survived. During the course of the video we will have shots of the band playing in the hall with a projection of the actual events that have taken place.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

RE-SEARCH AND PLANNING Analysis Of Exsisting Photographs- ANCILLARY TASK

I decided to analyse 2 pop covers and 2 covers of the same genre Digipak I am creating. The reason why I did this was so I could compare and contrast between the two, and in the process of doing this it would give me the knowledge on how to create a more successful Digipak for my target audience.

The aspect that appeared to me was that most pop albums have the actual artist is on the cover. In contrast rock albums have an image of some kind on it. This is because their album is all about the music, rather than promoting the artist themselves. This will be something I take into account when I create my own Digipak.

My Roles and Responsibilities

My Personal Roles and Responsibilities

  • Costume Designer and Make-Up artist
As a costume designer I must ensure to create costumes that will visually get the narrative of the music video across. Normally a costume designer would work closley with the make-up artist however considering make-up is linked with costume, Rachel and I decided it would be best if I was to be both.

My job as a costume designer means I must enhance the characters personality portrayed in the music video. I must be aware of the history of fashion, because if the music video is set in a different time period I wouldn’t want the costume to be wrong as the audience may pick up on that.
  • Locations
Since I am re-searching locations I must ensure they fit with the story line and time period. They also must visually get the narrative across.
  • Actor
Since I take performance at A-Level Rachel and I decided it would be best if I were the main protagonist in telling the narrative, this means that Rachel is now the director and camera women on the day of filming.
My role as an actor means I have to portray the character effectively in order to capture the audience’s attention and make the character appear real.
  • Choreographer
Rachel and I decided we would like a dance sequence in the muic video to break conventions of the genre of our chosen song to connect with a range of our target audience. We decided it would be best if I were to choreograph it as I have had experience since taking performance studies.  

Shared Roles and Responsibilities

  • Writer
My role as a co-writer means I have to work efficiently with Rachel in order to create the best possible plot suited to our target audience.
  • Producer
My role as a producer means I have to see that the project is running efficiently and ensure everything will be finished before the deadlines.
  • Editor
As a co-editor I must assemble all the footage we have taken in order to create the end product. As an editor I must manipulate the plot, and make the song fit into it with the timings in order to create an entertaining music video.