Saturday, 7 May 2011

EVALUATION- How does your media product represent particular social groups?

As my magazine is pop/rock genre I believe it is mostly targeted at a male audience. Not only because females are more likely to read lifestyle magazines but also because this type of genre I would say is more male dominated and anything associated with rock is believed to be sex or drug related and considered to be particularly aggressive. Nevertheless, society is changing and since the sexual revolution of the 1960's women are now considered to be more equal and are now represented in a different light. However, is this truly the case? Erotic images are still used to sell products to women such as the Sophie Dahl. Feminists believe we are still living in a patriarchal society and these images of women are turning them into sexual objects for men's pleasure. However, post-feminists believe it is now a women's choice to whether she wants to dress provocatively or not, and it is now empowering for them to make that choice.

The model I decided to use for my magazine was in fact female, which breaks the convention of the rock genre magazine because normally you see males on the cover. I also chose to dress her in a black leather jacket with studs which is something considered to be masculine, this was again to break the convention. However, she still looks feminine as she has red lipstick on. Not only would attract a male audience but female as well, as women may feel empowered that a female has broken into the pop/rock genre, and she could also be considered to be a role model. I also picked a model that isn't anorexic thin like pop magazines normally would as females in that genre are normally body conscious as the media outs a lot of pressure on them. However, since my model isn't this also shows that my magazine breaks that convention as well.

Therefore I feel compared to most pop/rock magazines I have broken conventions with the model I have decided to use and represented gender in a different way. Nevertheless, I do think rock magazines represent today's post feminist views as women are more free to express themselves in what ever way they like and feel less obligated to be completely feminine and I wanted to bring that element to my magazine.

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