Thursday, 13 October 2011

A2 Project - Music Video

Moving Image Project

For this years project I will be producing a music video with another student, Rachel Bloomfield. Our first task will be to decide who our target audience is and create character profiles on them. We will then decide our roles in creating the video and produce questionnaires to decide what our target audience wants within a music video and create pie charts based on our results.

Ancillary Task

For this we have decided to produce a poster advertising the single and produce an album cover. We have each make the decision to analyse 3 different posters separately to get a greater understanding of what the typical conventions of a poster are. We are also going to analyse CD albums as well.

We hope to achieve all these tasks we have set ourselves by the end of next week.

Before starting this project we were given a piliminary task in making a moving image, for this Rachel and I worked with 2 other students Sam and Ryan:

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