Thursday, 10 November 2011


Here is the plot I came up with for my main product.

A teenage girl from the 18th century has been transformed into a vampire. As a vampire your conscience is removed therefore you can do whatever you desire. This means that during the music video she will be seen in a big landscape to emphasize her freedom. Since her necklace expresses the elements there will be shots of her near earth, fire, water and air to express that she is as powerful as nature. However, in the next sequence of the music video she will be hunted down by villagers as in that time period it was natural to think of vampires as creatures of the night, dangerous and malicious beings. Nevertheless, there will be a cut and it will show her dressed in 21st century clothes showing that in fact survived. During the course of the video we will have shots of the band playing in the hall with a projection of the actual events that have taken place.

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