Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Roles and Responsibilities

My Personal Roles and Responsibilities

  • Costume Designer and Make-Up artist
As a costume designer I must ensure to create costumes that will visually get the narrative of the music video across. Normally a costume designer would work closley with the make-up artist however considering make-up is linked with costume, Rachel and I decided it would be best if I was to be both.

My job as a costume designer means I must enhance the characters personality portrayed in the music video. I must be aware of the history of fashion, because if the music video is set in a different time period I wouldn’t want the costume to be wrong as the audience may pick up on that.
  • Locations
Since I am re-searching locations I must ensure they fit with the story line and time period. They also must visually get the narrative across.
  • Actor
Since I take performance at A-Level Rachel and I decided it would be best if I were the main protagonist in telling the narrative, this means that Rachel is now the director and camera women on the day of filming.
My role as an actor means I have to portray the character effectively in order to capture the audience’s attention and make the character appear real.
  • Choreographer
Rachel and I decided we would like a dance sequence in the muic video to break conventions of the genre of our chosen song to connect with a range of our target audience. We decided it would be best if I were to choreograph it as I have had experience since taking performance studies.  

Shared Roles and Responsibilities

  • Writer
My role as a co-writer means I have to work efficiently with Rachel in order to create the best possible plot suited to our target audience.
  • Producer
My role as a producer means I have to see that the project is running efficiently and ensure everything will be finished before the deadlines.
  • Editor
As a co-editor I must assemble all the footage we have taken in order to create the end product. As an editor I must manipulate the plot, and make the song fit into it with the timings in order to create an entertaining music video.

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