Wednesday, 7 December 2011


These are the props the dancers are going to use. It's a cross made out of twigs and black shoe lases. The reason why I made them from twigs was to give a stronger impression that these people are from the 16th century. I used shoes lases because I couldn't find any wool around the house but you would only be able to tell in close inspection.

Costumes for the dancers will be on the blog soon, I just need to make the final details on them.

These are the jewellery pieces the vampire will were in the future along with the star. The reason why I chose this necklace is because it's quite bold and unusual. The audiences eye will be immediately drawn to it, which will draw them to the star.

The reason why I have chosen the religious bracelet is because it's not only a piece that is in fashion now amongst 21st century girls but is also ironic because she is supposed to be a dangerous predator yet is wearing a symbol for God.

I chose the red bracelet because it's colour connotes danger and is in contrast with the religious bracelet, which goes with the protagonists personality, there are two sides to her.

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