Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Re-search into Record Company's!

Sony Music Entertainment

The first record company I looked into was Sony Music Entertainment, the company supports artists like local bands to international stars, and is home to premier record labels which represent artists from every genre.

Looking into it further Sony has loads of record labels such as, Epic, RCA and Masterworks. Featured artists represented by these labels range from Kelly Clarkson to One Direction, even Jimi Hendrix is apart of Sony.

Maverick Records

This is the record label Muse signed with. This record label however, lost artists such as Madonna after legal action was taken against parent company Warner Bros.

Interscope Records

This is an American Label owned by Universal Music Group. It's original focus was more on Pop/urban artists however after 2000 it began to expand. As of 2007 it partnered with Justin Timberlake and they created a new record label called Tennman records and the first artist to be signed was Esmee Denters.

Rachel has also do her own re-search on records labels, therefore we will put all the information we have gathered seperatly together and debate what record label our artist should be from.

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