Sunday, 8 January 2012

ANCILLARY TASK - Inside The Front Cover

Step One

The first initial step in the creation of the inside of my Digipak was to create a CD. To do this I used the Ellipse Tool to create a circle. I repeated this action and created a smaller one and placed it in the centre.

Step Two

The second step in the creation of my CD was to place the image in the centre of the CD. I decided to use an image I had found on the Internet of three black roses as it linked with the theme of the album. I used the Lasso Tool to cut some of the image to make it look different and more unique. Here is the original and the real one.

Step Three

As for the next step I gathered another image from the Internet and layered it under the other image to give it more depth.

Step Four

The final step for part was adding all the relevant information onto the CD.

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