Sunday, 8 January 2012


The reason why I chose not to use this poster for my final finished ancillary task was that when I did audience re-search the feedback I received was that they thought my poster looked 'too cramped' they didn't know where to look. Therefore, they thought it would be best if I made it look more simplistic.

Step One

The initial step was to cut out the image by using the Lasso Tool. I also changed the brightness and contrast to make it stands out more. Here is the original in comparison to the new one.
The idea behind the image is that she is rising from the grave which connotes her immortality and that in fact the 'R.I.P' is ironic as because in the video she continues to be chased by villagers and therefore, never finding freedom. Of course it is ironic as she is a vampire.

Step Two
As for the second step I placed some information in the grave stone. I decided to put the effect of a glow on as it made it look more spiritual which linked with the theme. It also made it stand out more.

Step Three

The next step I placed some information on it. Such as, how much the single is and so on.

Step Four

As for the final steps I placed some images of the eyes around as I thought it was too bare.

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