Sunday, 13 February 2011


Below are a two double page spreads that I have chosen to gain some ideas from as I feel these are very effective.

Beginning with...

NME Magazine

The reason why I have chosen this is because I like the layout of the page as they have the picture on the left and the writing on the right. As we all know the colour blue is sterotypical that lads like it. It represents a calm laid back attitude. Which is shown in the image of the boys lieing on a bed relaxing. This is something again that I will try to achieve throughout my making of the magazine, trying to link everything together so it has a reason to be there and not so that it is random.

Kerrang Magazine

I chose this one from kerrang because it's defferent compared to the other. This one is a lot more edgyer than the other. The colour-scheme is red, black and white, which relates to their punk/rock genre of music. I also like the fact how they have put world exclusive on the side, I think this would attract the target audience a lot more than if it was just a normal article.

Again just like my other research I will take all this into account for the making of my own magazine.

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