Sunday, 6 February 2011

What makes a good photograph ?

-Lighting is very significant when taking a photograph, because if the image is bright, the image will look more vibrant, and stand out more to the target audience.

- Lines are also important as you can use them to take your audiences eyes right where you want.

- Movement, this is just as important as lighting as it will capture the action in the shot and show the audience what is happening.

- Be unique, no-one wants to see an image they have already seen before so by capturing something different, you are sure to capture your target audiences attention.

Here is the image I originally wanted to use for my front cover of my school magazine. However, when I uploaded it onto photoshop the image was out of focus, therefore I chose a different image I had taken.

Now here is the image i decided to use for my front cover.

Why did I use this image?

The lighting captures how she feels about school, that its a very warm environment and she enjoys it. However there is a shadow on one side of her face.

I did this because the article I chose to put on my front cover was about why exams are making students go crazy, so I wanted to show this through my chosen image.

I also chose this one because it was more focused than the other image and showed up well on photoshop.

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