Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Creating My School Magazine :D

As this was my first time using photoshop I found it difficult at first cutting my image out and so on. However during the process of making the magazine it got easier. To begin with I started with my front cover. But first I had to think about the house style. I stuck with using just three colours as I didn't want it to look blah!! The reason I used this model was because she is your typical average student which the target audience can relate to.

Here is a screen shot of the process that I went through. At first the title was in a small font but I decided to change it because it didn't stand out, and therefore the magazine wouldn't of caught the target audiences eyes. Another aspect of the magazine I decided to change was how big the headline was, I decided to make it bigger. This was because normal magazines wouldn't waste having something printed that didn't fill out all the space.

As you can see the headline has been enlarged, but I have also changed the colour of the two letters on the black part of the background. My reason for doing this was because it wouldn't have stood out as much if i had of stuck to having the colour black.

Now I'm not gonna lie, creating my contents page wasn't easy. At one point I wanted to throw the laptop out of the classroom window. Lucky I didn't that would of cost my mam a canny bit. Anyhow here is a screen shot of the beginning of my process. I decided to keep the house style the same as I wanted continuity throughout the magazine.

Here is the further development of my contents page. As you can see I have a range of shots showing throughout the contents page including a low angled shot. The reason I decided to use different colours for the text was to catch the eye of my target audience.

This is the last of my screen shots. The last change I made was to change the image for the front cover article as it would show a more variety of shots.

Here is my end result :) 



Who was my Target Audience?

My Target Audience for this school magaizne was the ages of 11-18.


During my lessons I have learn't that layout is very significant when making a magazine. This is because if this was a professional magazine they wouldn't want to waste money printing a magazine with lots of blank spaces. So this is why I tried to make my magazine look as full as possible.

What is Ideology?

Ideology is peoples expectations which they achieve through ideas. Photographers use ideology a lot to help with the images they take to potray these ideas into their articles e.t.c.

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  1. Cool, Amy! And I like the topic you came up with—it's something almost all students will be able to relate to. But since your target audience comprises students aged 11-18, I think your cover could be more “comical,” and your subject should look more terrified to emphasize the weight of having an exam nightmare. Also, I think adding Q&A and Trivia sections could help you fill the magazine more. What do you think?

    --->Hoa Bracken