Thursday, 10 February 2011

Target Audience- Questionnaire!

Before I start my magazine, I have created a questionnaire that I will hand out to my target audience for insperation on what I can have in my magazine, and what my colour scheme might be.

Here is my questionnaire.

1.  Are you male or female?

2.  What magazines do you normally buy?  

3.  What music are you into?
4.  What do you like to know in music magazines?

5.  Would you like to see horoscopes in a music magazine?

6.  Would you like to see the top 10?

7.  What artists would you like to see in the magazine?

8.  How many magazines do you read within a week?

9.  What colour schemes would you like to see on a magazine?

10. Have you got any suggestions to what you would want to see in the music magazine?

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