Saturday, 12 February 2011

Character Profile!

I wish to create a pop/rock magazine. The target audience I'm aiming for will be both male and female aged 13-30. To get them to buy the magazine I need to think about the layout, colour scheme and so on to persuade them to buy it. So in order to do this I need to get into the heads of my target audience.

Character Profile...Number One- The Teenage Girl.

- I imagine her to be able to mix in with anyone, she has a range of friends from those who like RnB to those who are into rock.

- She has her own individual style, to go with the mood she's in so her dress sense can vary, which is what helps her to mingle with different groups of people.

- I imagine that the colours she mostly likes to dress in are red, black, white, mostly darker colours.. Pink is definitely not on the table. However, she sometimes does like more brighter colours.

- As for her social life I think she just likes to hang out with friends, just like the typical teenage girl.

Character Profile...Number Two- The Teenage Boy

- I imagine this guy to dress like a Jonas brothers. The black skinny jeans, checked t-shirts and so on.

- I think the colours he would dress in would be similar to the teenage girls, however I think they may be a more darker shade.

- I think his friends would be dressed very similar to him, and they all just like to hang out and play video games.

Character Profile...Number Three- The 20-30's

- I imagine the women and men of this age range to be more of the party group. They like to go out drinking listen, hang out with friends and listen to some good music.

- They dress differently from the teenagers, which I will have to take into consideration when I think about the colour scheme of my magazine.

- They are more into the party holidays, where as the younger teenagers may still be going on family holidays.

That is what I imagine my target audience to be like, so I will take all of this into consideration when thinking about the colour scheme, layout, mise-en-scene and so on for my magazine.

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