Thursday, 15 December 2011

ANCILLARY TASK! - Finished Digipack

1st Step

The first step was to copy my front cover into a new blank photoshop with the real measurement's for a digipak.

2nd Step

The second step was to place the back cover of the digipak onto it as well with the correct amount of space left for the spine of the cover.

3rd Step

The next step was to create my spine. Therefore, I used the rectangle tool to do this. I made the spine black as it goes with the colour pallet of the digipak.

4th Step

I decided to go with the typical conventions of a digipak and place a bar code on it.

5th Step

The fifth step I did was to add the title of the band. I used the same style font only this time I used the colour white because if it were black it would of just blended into the background.

6th Step

After looking at more digipaks I discovered some artists have the name of the record company on the spine. Therefore, I decided to do that with mine.

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