Thursday, 15 December 2011

ANCILLARY TASK! - Back cover of the Digipak

1st Step

The first step was cutting out the chosen image for the back cover. To do this I used the magic wand tool. I also changed the brightness and contrast to make the image appear brighter.

The reason why I chose this particular image is because if I placed the title of the songs next to her hand it draws more attention to them and makes it look as if she has made them appear.

2nd Step

The next step was picking the background colour, I chose the exact colour I decided to use for the front cover. I used the same technique as I did on the front cover and added an outerglow on the image to make it stand out.

3rd Step

I added the title of the band. I chose to have it coming down on the left hand side to make it look unique. For the title I used the same style of writing and the symbol aswell.

4th Step

This is when I added the songs on the cover. Rachel and I picked the song titles together and we chose names that stereotypically link with the theme of the type of album these singles could come from, which would be an alternative rock one.

5th Step

Another typical convention of a digipak is a bar code. Therefore, my 5th step was to add this.

6th Step

The final step for creating my back cover was adding the information about our chosen record company, which was Interscope Records. I had a Lady Gaga album in the house and her record company is our chosen one. Therefore, I coppied all the relevant information so it would appear like a real digipak. Neverthless, I did change the producer and so on to mine and Rachels name. I also added the logo of Interscope Records.

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