Thursday, 15 December 2011

ANCILLARY TASK! - Front cover of Digipak

 1st Step          

After re-searching Digipacks I decided to break the typical conventions of having the band on the cover. Instead I decided to have the pentagon, the necklace the vampire wears in the music video for the image of the front cover. Then in the centre of the star would be the eye of the vampire.

First I changed the brightness and contrast of the eye to make it appear darker and once it was in the centre of the star, I used the magic wand tool to get rid of the parts that were not needed. Here is the oridginal eye:-

2nd Step

The next step was deciding the background colour which I decided would be a deep red as it is the opposite colour on the colour wheel. It also connotes danger and passion and is the colour of blood which links with the aspect of the vampire. I then decided to add an outer glow on the image of the pentagon to make it stand out more.

3rd Step

The next step was adding the text. I decided to use the font called Papyrus for the name of the band and song title as it reminds me of vampires with the sharpness of it. I added an outer glow on this text aswell as it makes it stands out to the target audience more.

4th Step

Nevertheless, I felt that the title still didn't stand out as much as I would like to. Therefore, I decided to look for symbols on google images to see what came up, and a moon and star did which I thought linked with the theme.

5th Step

After doing this the star looked like it had too much white on it and I felt it needed something else to stand out. Therefore, I looked for different shapes on Photoshop and came across some that looked like blood splats. Nevertheless, as well as red I used the colours purple and black to make it look more vibrant.

6th Step

After adding this, the cover still felt plain. Therefore, as some digipaks have a sticker explaining some of the extra songs that will appear on the single, I decided to do that. Then add the outerglow on to make it appear to stand out.

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