Friday, 2 December 2011


Rachel and I had a photoshoot for our Ancillary Tasks which is to create a digipack and a poster. We wanted the vampire to be the centre of the photoshoot as she is a significant aspect in the narrative of the video.

Before the photoshoot I had a practice of what the make-up would look like and as I have never put contacts or anything in my eyes before it took me a long...long time to attempt to put them in. But eventually I succeeded and here it is my first attempt in a short presentation: -

Here is a short movie clip of some of the images we took on the 14th November: -

I have started my Ancillary tasks and have finished my Digipack. I hope to get this on the blog very soon. My aim is that before we break up for the Christmas holidays my Ancillary Task will all be complete.

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