Saturday, 17 March 2012

EDITING PROCESS - Friday 2nd March


Taking the audience feedback into consideration Rachal and I came together and made the changes our target audience suggested and also added on the sections of Seaton Delaval Hall.

Again we wanted to show some of our taget audience to gather feedback from them in order to improve our music video. Here are the suggestions they gave us to make the video more appealing and to make it better.
  •  There are too many sections of the girl just walking around.
  • The narrative isn't very clear.
  • Shots in a music video are usually 2-3 seconds long however in yours there are shots that are 7 seconds long.
  • The part with the man playing the guitar should be earlier as I believe it would fit better.
  • The colour pallets used shouldn't change as dramatically as they do.
  • On the underwater scene at the start, the tiles in the swimming pool are visible this takes away from the effectiveness.
  • I believe that the transitions could be used better to improve the music video.
  • The random statue doesn't represent anything in the video so it's pointless.
  • The shots at the start of the video are bright but the shot of the sun is darker when it should be brighter.
  • Some of the walking shots should be removed and replaced with more performance shots. 
Here are some positive feedback comments we recieved.
  • The timing is really good at the start of the video.
  • There is a good use of edgy camera movements.
  • There was a huge range of shots used.

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