Saturday, 17 March 2012

EDITING PROCESS! - Wednesday 29th February

As Rachel and I had already gathered the shots needed for the opening of the music video. I decided to make a head start on the editing process and I create the first 40 seconds of the video. Considering it was only 40 seconds long it took a long time to create as I wanted to make sure the shots were in perfect timing with the music. I wanted it to look as professional as it could possibly be.

I  then made the decision to show the video in sections first to some of our target audience as this would make the editing process easier as we would be able to make the changes in few short steps. This is some of the constructive criticism we received.
  •  The lighting of the candles should be more Gray scale to match the mood of the video.
  • Some of the shots need to be changed around for continuity purposes as in one shot she is not very deep in the water, however in the next shot she is.
  • She walks slightly too fast to the beat of the song, so the shot should be slowed down to fit.

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